Monday, July 11, 2011

I got a Second Internship!


Scenery around my Second Internship.
Pic by Me.

At this second internship, shall we code name it... Fashion Company? I'm creative, I know, I get to do a lot more "businessy" stuff. Fashion Company is a fashion retail trade company, but they're doing it in a revolutionary way. Basically, for lack of a better comparison, they are a Facebook-type bridge between Designers and Boutiques. This is company has a very small but proficient team, and I love that! I work next to the VP, and across the CEO! 

I have a very limited time here in New York and I wanna make the most of it. As you guys (and by "you guys" I mean the one random person in Sweden that reads this blog. What up Sweden!) read on a past post- tho PR Company is an amazing corporation, is not exactly the most challenging place in the fashion industry. But it's getting more interesting! I got to attend a ROXY event and I'm working on another event next Tuesday- details to come! And my very fellow interns at PR Company helped edit the  clothes that Daniel Radcliffe wore at the Harry Potter Premier in London!

We touched the clothes he was wearing! ...ok, that came out creepy.

But for me, the most exciting thing yet was getting to see and stand next to Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men!! She came into PR Company for I don't even know what reason, to look at something in the showroom, I don't know, I was too excited, I didnt pay attention! Clearly, Mad Men is one of my favorite shows. I highly regret not asking her to take a pic with. I didn't wanna look all... unprofessional. Next time, I'm doing it!

Peggy Olson?! Is that you?!

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