Monday, July 4, 2011

Roxy Event.

PR Company threw a press party for Roxy to showcase their Winter '11 line at The Black Bear Lodge.

The bar was completely decked in Roxy Winter '11 gear, it was like a big cozy closet! After a long day at the office, a group of us interns came to to the event to help out. I was in charge of checking in the guests at the door. This was an invite only event. There were a few bar patrons that I had to turn away and asked them to come back when the event was over, it was awkward!

There was lots of yummy treats and an open bar! We were allowed a drink while at work! (Don't worry, I'm of legal age) As the event kept going, some of the interns were asked to leave. Rudely. Apparently we were looking too happy and there is no such privilege allowed for interns! I was saved from leaving because I had the almighty job of being the greeter at the door. I understand that the senior staff didn't want anything to get out of hand, i.e drunken intern puking all over an important editor, but there is a way to say all things politely. Then again, this is New York... we're unpaid interns... that kind of treatment comes expected.

As the editors, bloggers and stylists left the event, we handed them these delicious cookies but the real treat is in the little snowboards attached. They are actually USB drives with the lookbook inside! How cool is that!

Here's a sneak peek:

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