Monday, September 5, 2011

Kiki De Montparnasse Event


Ok, now that that's out of the way... After a long, busy day at PR Company, I was one of the last interns at the office and was cleaning up for the day when the fabulous showroom supervisor asked me if I wanted to go to an event with her. I didn't know where I was going or what we were doing but we we're on friendly terms, even though she's practically my boss, so I said "Yea, let's have some fun."

We ended up at the Kiki de Montparnasse store, where there was a private sale/cocktail party going on. It was put together my supervisor's friend so she was kinda obliged to go.

Once more, sooooo sorry for the horrible phone pics! It's all I got!

Kiki de Montparnasse is a high-end lingerie/sex toy store (I told you it was raunchy!) with emphasis on the high-end part. Bras here will cost you about $100+ bucks. Very nice stuff tho.

There was free champagne, and fruit and chocolate bits to nibble on. Everyone, well 90%, there was dresses in all black and white, grungy chic attire. Red lips galore or no make up at all. Killer rock style/Pamela Love accessories on all the chics. Boys were sporting tattoos as accessories de riguer. Everyone seemed to know everyone. Among the guests was Greg K from the Misshapes and Genevieve Jones from... well, the socialite.

Aaaand then there was little intern me.. in my jean shorts and t shirt... and my laptop carrier bag.. in the same room as this picture..

I had one champagne glass, let my supervisor introduce to a few of her friends, and then left. I felt so out of place. But it was so cool to get to go!

Wow, I suck at blogging.

Sorry for the delays in posting! Here are some quick updates:

-Fashion week is right around the corner.. and it's killin' me! haha. It's been busy at PR Company. I'm one of the few interns whose internship period overlapped between summer and fall, so basically almost everyone is back at their college towns and all the work is divided between 3 or 4 of us per day (during the summer-sesh there was about 12 of us). It can get overwhelming but at least it's not boring.

-I got to go to two events via PR Company last month. One for fun and one to work at.

-I quit my second internship rather quickly-- it was cool and I got to see the fashion industry from a different perspective, the one of a start up online company, but I was working a little too hard to be working for free.

-My first fashion week event will be this Thursday for Fashion Night Out, which I promise to report on promptly! Kinda excited!

Monday, July 11, 2011

I got a Second Internship!


Scenery around my Second Internship.
Pic by Me.

At this second internship, shall we code name it... Fashion Company? I'm creative, I know, I get to do a lot more "businessy" stuff. Fashion Company is a fashion retail trade company, but they're doing it in a revolutionary way. Basically, for lack of a better comparison, they are a Facebook-type bridge between Designers and Boutiques. This is company has a very small but proficient team, and I love that! I work next to the VP, and across the CEO! 

I have a very limited time here in New York and I wanna make the most of it. As you guys (and by "you guys" I mean the one random person in Sweden that reads this blog. What up Sweden!) read on a past post- tho PR Company is an amazing corporation, is not exactly the most challenging place in the fashion industry. But it's getting more interesting! I got to attend a ROXY event and I'm working on another event next Tuesday- details to come! And my very fellow interns at PR Company helped edit the  clothes that Daniel Radcliffe wore at the Harry Potter Premier in London!

We touched the clothes he was wearing! ...ok, that came out creepy.

But for me, the most exciting thing yet was getting to see and stand next to Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men!! She came into PR Company for I don't even know what reason, to look at something in the showroom, I don't know, I was too excited, I didnt pay attention! Clearly, Mad Men is one of my favorite shows. I highly regret not asking her to take a pic with. I didn't wanna look all... unprofessional. Next time, I'm doing it!

Peggy Olson?! Is that you?!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Roxy Event.

PR Company threw a press party for Roxy to showcase their Winter '11 line at The Black Bear Lodge.

The bar was completely decked in Roxy Winter '11 gear, it was like a big cozy closet! After a long day at the office, a group of us interns came to to the event to help out. I was in charge of checking in the guests at the door. This was an invite only event. There were a few bar patrons that I had to turn away and asked them to come back when the event was over, it was awkward!

There was lots of yummy treats and an open bar! We were allowed a drink while at work! (Don't worry, I'm of legal age) As the event kept going, some of the interns were asked to leave. Rudely. Apparently we were looking too happy and there is no such privilege allowed for interns! I was saved from leaving because I had the almighty job of being the greeter at the door. I understand that the senior staff didn't want anything to get out of hand, i.e drunken intern puking all over an important editor, but there is a way to say all things politely. Then again, this is New York... we're unpaid interns... that kind of treatment comes expected.

As the editors, bloggers and stylists left the event, we handed them these delicious cookies but the real treat is in the little snowboards attached. They are actually USB drives with the lookbook inside! How cool is that!

Here's a sneak peek:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Blogger Closet Raid.

This past Saturday, I went this event at the Tribeca Grand Hotel:

This marks the first little blogger event I've ever been to! I'm such a fangirl... I feel you being all embarrassed for me. It's OK. haha.

Wendy's, from Nitrolicious, collection of shoes up for sale. Note the LOUBOUTINS at the front.
If these are the shoes she doesn't mind letting go, HOW MANY MORE ARE IN HER CLOSET?!? geez.

Keiko Lynn chatting with Jennine.

As always, I apologize for the horrible phone pictures. Bad lighting = bad pics :(

This is what I ended up home with: From Keiko Lynn, I bought a dainty vintage shirt for $2! and amazing 80%20 shoes for $10!! (The boots are actually a bit big for me... but I figured with some socks in the winter they'll be fine! haha They were ten dollars, c'mon!!) And from Jennine from The Coveted, I bought those funky printed silk pants for $5!

I have to give Sammy from Sammy D Vintage a shoutout for being the most gracious blogger of the event! She didn't hesitate to introduce herself to those who were near her and offer her ear to friendly conversation. 

"Thank you MOOD!"

As a fan of Project Runway, I have been curious to visit MOOD Fabrics. While there, I figured I should buy some jersey cotton and make some tops for myself. Um.. yea.. that didn't happen. THEIR PRICES ARE RIDICULOUS! They may be of the highest quality, but I'll pass.

Even so, it was fun looking around. The staff was friendly, they must be very well aware that many people go there for curiosity alone. Most of the shoppers looked like they were FIT or Parson students, all very fashionably artsy.

I almost walked right past it, even tho I was intently looking for the building. My experience reminded me of a funny review I read on Yelp:

"1. Know where you're going.  There aren't any signs that tell you where Mood is.  It is located in a  non-distinct rundown building  in NY's Fashion District.  The best way to get here is to keep walking down 7th Ave until everyone starts looking ultra chic, and what you're wearing makes you sad.

2.  Once you've made it inside the building, you'll have to get to the elevator.  Resist the urge to push the buttons on the elevator wall.  They do nothing. Pushing extra hard will still do nothing. They are only indicator lights.  That guy looking at you like you're an idiot is the attendant, and he controls the elevator shaft.  You don't even need to tell him where you're going, he'll know.

3. You've made it to the main floor.  And just before you decide to take off, and rampantly toss bolts of fabric left and right reliving your glorious Project Runway fantasies, stop.  There are some super friendly and helpful workers who will cease to be friendly and helpful if you don't respect their inventory." -Lam N.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A peek into Kate Spade, NYC.

Last week, I got to make a little errand to the New York office of Kate Spade. The office space was so cute! and the showroom was so colorful! I wish I could've taken a tour but at least I got to snap a few pics to show you guys. I barely took any- to show you more I found the last two from Oh Joy!

Their front door looks like it was inspired by Mondrian!

Front desk and showroom behind it.

This is the waiting area directly in front of the help desk ;)