Monday, June 27, 2011

"Thank you MOOD!"

As a fan of Project Runway, I have been curious to visit MOOD Fabrics. While there, I figured I should buy some jersey cotton and make some tops for myself. Um.. yea.. that didn't happen. THEIR PRICES ARE RIDICULOUS! They may be of the highest quality, but I'll pass.

Even so, it was fun looking around. The staff was friendly, they must be very well aware that many people go there for curiosity alone. Most of the shoppers looked like they were FIT or Parson students, all very fashionably artsy.

I almost walked right past it, even tho I was intently looking for the building. My experience reminded me of a funny review I read on Yelp:

"1. Know where you're going.  There aren't any signs that tell you where Mood is.  It is located in a  non-distinct rundown building  in NY's Fashion District.  The best way to get here is to keep walking down 7th Ave until everyone starts looking ultra chic, and what you're wearing makes you sad.

2.  Once you've made it inside the building, you'll have to get to the elevator.  Resist the urge to push the buttons on the elevator wall.  They do nothing. Pushing extra hard will still do nothing. They are only indicator lights.  That guy looking at you like you're an idiot is the attendant, and he controls the elevator shaft.  You don't even need to tell him where you're going, he'll know.

3. You've made it to the main floor.  And just before you decide to take off, and rampantly toss bolts of fabric left and right reliving your glorious Project Runway fantasies, stop.  There are some super friendly and helpful workers who will cease to be friendly and helpful if you don't respect their inventory." -Lam N.

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