Monday, June 27, 2011

Blogger Closet Raid.

This past Saturday, I went this event at the Tribeca Grand Hotel:

This marks the first little blogger event I've ever been to! I'm such a fangirl... I feel you being all embarrassed for me. It's OK. haha.

Wendy's, from Nitrolicious, collection of shoes up for sale. Note the LOUBOUTINS at the front.
If these are the shoes she doesn't mind letting go, HOW MANY MORE ARE IN HER CLOSET?!? geez.

Keiko Lynn chatting with Jennine.

As always, I apologize for the horrible phone pictures. Bad lighting = bad pics :(

This is what I ended up home with: From Keiko Lynn, I bought a dainty vintage shirt for $2! and amazing 80%20 shoes for $10!! (The boots are actually a bit big for me... but I figured with some socks in the winter they'll be fine! haha They were ten dollars, c'mon!!) And from Jennine from The Coveted, I bought those funky printed silk pants for $5!

I have to give Sammy from Sammy D Vintage a shoutout for being the most gracious blogger of the event! She didn't hesitate to introduce herself to those who were near her and offer her ear to friendly conversation. 


  1. Great finds! Wish I would have been there!! xo

  2. my brain would literally explode if i was at one of these. amazing.

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