Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Menial Works of a Fashion Intern.

Well, the days have flown by and I'm officially working at "PR Company" as an intern. The first days were very overwhelming, there was no training session- they just throw you to the wolves! The philosophy at "PR Company" is learn as you go.

What I've mostly been doing is taking care of the showroom (a showroom looks like a boutique but privy only to stylists and magazine editors) sending and receiving clothes, meticulously inputting data on their server, acting as messenger- delivering items to stylists and editors. All of this is done at URGENT speed.

I have also been underwhelmed by doing some dirt-stupid tasks. For instance, one day I had to take four hours of my time to organize magazines... The funny thing is that this is actually important to the PR Team seeing as how 80% of their work consists in getting the clients' clothing lines into the pages of the magazine and then reporting the success to the client.

No matter the task, it's still awesome to be there. To hold all these amazing designer gowns in my hands, to see every detail, is dream-like. Whenever there is a casting, models from all agencies show up. I don't have to explain to you what a treat it is to see gorgeous male models in person. I get to see the upcoming collections of certain stores before the public does; I get to see the birth of trends happen first hand.

You take the good with the bad. I just hope I get to do less menial tasks as I learn and progress with the days to come.

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  1. do you're best girl! it can't be fun 100% of the time. i'd kill (joking!) to be in your shoes. :)